EED E-BT Casting Worm Gear Reducer
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EED E-BT Casting Worm Gear Reducer

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product description

Worm Reducer Gearbox

Structure Features:
1. Heavy duty cast iron housings
2. Chill cast bronze gears
3. Precision ground hardened worm
5. Industry-standard mounting dimensions
6. Pre-filled with food grade (H1) Klubersynth UH1-6-460 synthetic oil
7. Sealed housing provides maintenance-free lubed for life operation.

Surface painting
Aluminum alloy housing:
1. Shot blasing and special antiseptice treatment on the aluminum alloy surface
2. After phosphating, pain with bule. Sliver, grey, red or based on customer demands

Wide variety of applications requiring slow speed and high torque, ideal for conveyors, material handling, textile machines, packaging machinery, etc.

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