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Application Scenario

Metallurgical Industry

Steel mills demand maximum performance of their equipment, able to withstand 24 hours a day and 7 days a week operations, with high efficiency and low maintenance. We understand that the high shock loads, dust, heat, and moisture in the corrosive environments of the steel industry require robust, reliable, and efficient products. EED's products are extremely reliable, guaranteed  and have an exceptionally long service life. 

Oil Industry

Oil Industry provides vital elements for many products by using large amounts of heat and energy to physically or chemically transform materials. Today's chemical plants must operate efficiently while remaining eco-friendly to remain competitive. EED offers reliable, high-efficiency, low maintenance speed reducers with proven performance in this industry.

Agricultural Machinery Industry

Trust EED to provide the best solutions for your grain operations, which have intense pulverization and dispersion processes, and require high-output torque.The grain industry relies on speed reducers and gearmotors to keep production moving.  From planting to processing, and every application in between, EED offers power transmission solutions that keep your operation moving.

Ship Industry

Reliability and safety are one of the key requirements of any equipment installed in the Ports and Crane Industry. From the main hoist to the gantry drives, EED has specifically-designed solutions for all power transmission needs. Our gear reducer are reliable, safe, and enhance productivity for minimized operational downtime. Take the EED challenge and test us on your most challenging application. 
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