EED EPET precision planetary reducer gearbox
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EED EPET precision planetary reducer gearbox

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Product Description

Precision Reducer

Precision planetary gear reducer is a new-generation of product developed by our company, with a compromise of advanced technology both at home and abroad, its main features are as follows:
1. Low noise: under 65db.
2. Low backlash: within 3 arcmin.
3. High efficiency: 97% for 1 stage, 94% for 2 stages.
4. High input speed: Rated input speed 3000rpm, max input speed 6000 rpm.
5. High output torque: higher torque output than that of conventional planetary gear reducer.
6. High stability hardening,which extends gear service life and maintain high accuracy as new after a long period of operation.


Precicion planetary gear reducer is widely used in the following fields:
1. Aerospace, military industries.
2. Medical health, electronic information industries.
3. Industrial robots, productin automation, CNC machine tool manufacturing industries.
4. Motor,textile,printing,food,metallurgical,envrironment protection engineering, warehouse logistics industries.



  • Space-saving: right angler reducer using spiral bevel gear, costomer can locate the motor at 90 degree away from the reducer if required to save space;

  • High rigidity&torque: high rigidity&torque were achived by uncaged heedle roller bearings;

  • Adapter-bushing connection:can be attached to any motor all over the world;

  • High load capacity: adopting taper roller bearing for the main output shaft to increase radial and axial load (frame size 064\090 adopt ball bearing);

  • Maintenance-free: no need to replace the grease for the life of the unit.Can be attached in any position.


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