Exhibition:2024 Turkey Industry Exhibition
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Exhibition:2024 Turkey Industry Exhibition

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Hangzhou EED Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd., a leading player in the transmission equipment industry, will proudly showcase its products at the Turkey Industry Expo on June 5, 2024, with booth number Hall8-C500. We sincerely invite industry peers and potential customers to visit our booth and explore the cutting-edge technologies and development trends in the transmission equipment field.


At this exhibition, we will fully display our independently developed series of transmission equipment. These products include E-R, E-S, E-K, and E-F helical gear reducers, which are widely used in various industrial scenarios due to their excellent transmission efficiency and stability. We will also showcase E-RV, E-VF, E-UDL, and E-WP worm gear reducers, which are favored by customers for their high precision and efficiency. Additionally, we bring E-GM, E-GR, E-BLDC, and E-PMDC gear motors, boasting high torque and low noise for smoother and more reliable operation.



As a company dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of transmission equipment, we uphold the philosophy of "innovation, quality, and service" and strive to provide customers with the best transmission equipment solutions. We understand that customer needs are the driving force behind our continuous progress. Therefore, during the exhibition, we look forward to engaging in in-depth discussions with global customers to understand your demands and challenges, and jointly explore the development trends and future opportunities in the transmission industry.

We believe that through this exhibition, we will not only showcase the superior performance and quality of EED transmission equipment to global customers, but also have the opportunity to meet more industry peers, expand cooperation opportunities, and create a better future together. We eagerly await the Turkey Industry Expo and look forward to joining you in writing a new chapter in the transmission equipment industry!

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