EED E-PC Pre-Stage Helical Gearbox
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EED E-PC Pre-Stage Helical Gearbox

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Product Description

Gearing ArrangementHelicalGear Ratio:2.64-251.25
Input Speed:1400rpmOutput Speed:4.8-1075rpm
Model Number:ER17-ER167Rated Power:0.12-160kw
Output type:Hollow shaft, Solid shaft,etcColor:Blue,Grey,Red,Oran

Pre-stage helical module, It is designed by our own factory

Main mould have PC063, PC071, PC080,PC090

063, 071, 080, 090 shows center distance

It can be assemble with NMRV series worm reducer and motor

The ratio for PC063 is 2.93

The ratio for PC071 is 2.94

The ratio for PC080 is 3

The ratio for PC090 is 2.45


1.Made of high quality aluminium alloy gear reducer,die-cast,non-rusting,convenient to be mounted with worm gearboxes & motors as as to achieve the required speed ratio.

2.Fitting the pre-stage helical module on the main reduction unit is easily done as for any motor of type B14.

3.The PC construction is modular and therefore it can be as a separte unit mounted on any type of fitted geared motor.

Technical data:

1.Four types manufactured:PC063,PC071,PC080,PC090

2.Speed ratio range:1:2.43---1:3

3.Model: PC063/PC071/PC080/PC090

Quality control

(1) Quality guarantee: 1 year

(2) Certificate of quality: ISO9001:2000

(3)  Every product must be tested before sending


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