2022 Melchezedek Annual Meeting
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2022 Melchezedek Annual Meeting

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2022 Melchezedek Annual Meeting Working Together to Create a Poetry


        On January 20, the employees of Hangzhou Melchezedek Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. gathered at the Mehao Lizhi Hotel to hold the 2022 annual meeting to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Wang Enhua, general manager Wang, together with the managers of various departments of Melchezedek, and the guests came to the site of Melchezedek 's annual meeting to witness the growth and development of Melchezedek.


        Over the past 13 years, Melchezedek has worked with all employees to build the future together! By 2022, the Melchezedek team will rapidly grow to nearly 40 people.

annuel meeting 2022


Chapter 1: Looking back on the past, looking forward to the future

        For Melchezedek, 2021 is a very special year, a year of reshaping the structure and a year of facing difficulties. As a foreign trade enterprise under the epidemic, faced with rising materials, skyrocketing freight rates, falling exchange rates, and difficulties in shipping, Melchezedek still achieved double-digit growth in order PI and shipment CI.

       This is mainly to thank all Melchezedek people for their hard work, as well as the support of the brother unit Hangzhou Xingda Machinery Co., Ltd. and all suppliers and partners, but also to thank the dividends brought by this era, this country, and this industry track.

       Looking forward to the future, as mentioned by Mrs. Wang at the meeting, Melchezedek will continue to optimize product structure, personnel structure, adjust performance indicators, strengthen training efforts, dig for growth in the entire department, and inspire the ownership spirit of all employees. The platform shows its own splendor, reflects the value of Melchezedek people, and realizes the leap of life.


Chapter 2: Grateful to have you, accompany all the way

        The achievements of the company are inseparable from the leaders of Melchezedek, and also inseparable from the hard work and active cooperation of all Melchezedek’s employees. In 2021, a group of outstanding managers and outstanding employees will emerge from Melchezedek. On January 21, 2022, all Melchezedek people gathered together to share the joy of honor.


Chapter 3: Signing ceremony to create a better future

        The third part of the annual meeting is the reading of the letter of appointment and the signing ceremony of the military order. The heads of various departments of Melchezedek led the small partners of Melchezedek to sign the military order for 2022. As Mrs Wang said, "Although the road is long, the journey will come; although the task is difficult, it will be accomplished." I believe Melchezedek 's small Partners will work hard to achieve their goals!


Chapter 4: Thank you for being with me all the way

        The company's achievements are inseparable from the growth and efforts of all the people in the company. In this process, the guidance and help of the master are indispensable. The fourth part of the annual meeting is the part of thanking teachers and applauding teachers.


Chapter 5: Improve yourself, improve your ability

        Every Melchezedek person is interpreting the infinite enthusiasm for work with their own practical actions. Of course, in the past year, some of the company's small partners have used their spare time to enrich themselves and improve their business capabilities while conscientiously completing their work tasks. "The master leads the door, and the practice depends on the individual." I hope that you can continue to strengthen your education and enrich yourself.


Chapter 6: Open dinner, share the joy

        Everyone toasted to Melchezedek 's bright future!

        At the dinner, while everyone was having a good time, there were also impromptu performances by colleagues from the company and their families. Everyone had a good time and shared the joy of the Spring Festival!

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